HALOSPA - NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR SPA AND WELLNESS CENTRES. HALOSPA is a unique, beautifully designed cave with a valuable salt microclimate, where one can improve health, rejuvenate, and relax. Today, more and more people take care about their health and well-being. Environmental pollution, stress, and other negative factors weaken the immune system, lead to the emergence of diseases. As a result, more and more people visit SPA and wellness centres to improve health, strengthen immunity, and relax. SPA centres offer a variety of methods. Do they offer such methods that can effectively cleanse the lungs from all that contamination, which is caused by the modern urban environment? This problem is successfully solved at the "Halomed" Ltd. salt cave. Finest salt particles, generated by a special apparatus – halogenerator, effectively cleanse the respiratory tract to the smallest bronchi. As a result, the salt therapy, proposed by "Halomed", can be found in the list of services, offered at SPA and wellness centres. Medical research has shown that to create the necessary microclimate, that can effectively cleanse the respiratory tract, skin, and improve the condition of the whole body, it is essential that the cubic meter of air contains at least 3-4 mg of dry salt aerosol. Such a constant dry salt aerosol concentration is ensured by halogenerators, manufactured by us. The salt premises are equipped with a special sensor that measures the amount of salt aerosol particles in the air and transmits the data to the halogenerator, which maintains dry salt aerosol concentration in the air. HaloSPA is an opportunity to visit a salt cave, resembling real salt mines.

HALOSPA benefits as SPA procedures:

  • Respiratory organ cleansing, improving the condition, preventing respiratory diseases.
  • Prevention of infectious and viral respiratory diseases.
  • Immunity strengthening.
  • Allergic disease prevention.
  • Improving lymphatic and blood circulation, metabolism increasing, helping remove harmful substances from the body.
  • Nourishing, nurturing, and rejuvenating the skin, improving its condition, skin disease prevention.
  • Positive impact on smokers.
  • Soothing impact, tension and emotional stress relief.

HALOSPA benefits in SPA and wellness service business:

  • helps attracting more visitors;
  • becomes economically viable in a short time;
  • implementation of optimal solutions does not need to hire additional personnel;
  • variety of designs, suitable for any premises;
  • can be applied to all ages and target groups;
  • safe to use and no side effects virtually;
  • equipment requirements are in line with EU directives, warranty and post-warranty maintenance;
  • specialist advice in this area;
  • unique wellness programmes;
  • access to information for personnel and visitors.

HALOSPA IS PROFITABLE! On a daily basis, the salt premises may be visited by dozens of visitors; sessions can be of varying lengths and go on constantly. For example, the 16m2 premises, where there are 8 seats, within 12 hours of work without a break may be visited by 192 people (one session - 30 minutes).