About us


"Halomed" Ltd. was founded in March 2005 seeking to supply the Baltic countries and the European market with halogenerators. With rapid growth of halo therapy (salt therapy) in the EU and other countries, about 97% of our production is exported to the EU and worldwide. The export geography constantly expands. Recently, we have started exporting our products to Australia, Vietnam, Canada, and the United States. "Halomed" Ltd. operates closely with АEROMED, which was the first to produce halogenerators and has the most experience and scientific potential in the design and manufacture of similar units. Nowadays, the following devices are manufactured: "GDA 01.17" and "HaloPrima 02M" for hospitals, "HaloPrima 01" and "HaloSmart 01" for SPA and wellness centres as well as usage at private homes.


Beautifully designed premises, where, applying "Halomed" devices, a dry salt aerosol microclimate is created helping cleanse the lungs, improving the skin condition, and relaxing the respiratory tract.


In the modern world, thousands of people live and work in polluted environments. Contaminants penetrate the body through the respiratory tract and skin, damaging the vital human organs and causing lung diseases, asthma, bronchitis, etc. Tight human pace of life and stress lower the body's resistance, destroy the immune system, and cause psychosomatic illnesses. Therefore, the modern man needs to strengthen the stamina and increase the internal energy reserves. "Halomed" devices enable a person to cleanse his respiratory tract and lungs.

Our mission is, by using natural salt aerosol properties, to develop a valid and efficient care system of human respiratory organs and create relative tools as well as methods for their use.


"Halomed" has created tools that allow to systematically and efficiently cleanse the respiratory tract and lungs; these are not only treatment but also prevention methods that help curing the respiratory tract, reduce the risk of diseases, and strengthen the immune system.