The Halomed company has built the salt room at the ROYAL SPA RESIDENCE in Lithuania (

Salt Therapy for Seniors

The Halomed company have installed the equipment for salt therapy (halotherapy) at the guest house for senior citizens in the town of Rukla (Lithuania). 

Salt therapy in Rehabilitation Center UPA

Halomed company have installed the equipment for salt therapy in the new Rehabilitation Center UPA in Druskininkai (Lithuania). Home Page:


New Salt Room in Lithuania


Halomed company has built a salt room at a Wellness  Center in town of Šventoji - not far from the sea resort of Palanga. (




Salt room at private school

Halomed Company has built a salt room at Vilnius Private Gymnasium ( It is the first school in Lithuania operating its own salt room.



New Salt Room in Western Lithuania

Halomed company has built a salt room at a new Wellness  Center in Western Lithuania - not far from the sea resort of Palanga.


Salt Rooms in Lloret de Mar (Spain)

Halomed company together with partners built two salt rooms in the seaside resort of Lloret de Mar (Spain).

Halomed celebrates 10th Year Anniversary

Halomed UAB celebrates 10th Year Anniversary - the company was founded on March 29, 2005.

Ten years ago the company Halomed UAB was set up basing on previous many years experience of its founders in halotherapy and technics for halotherapy (salt aerosol generators).  The tendency of the slowly rising interest in natural methods for respiratory system treatments in European countries has impelled Alina V. Chervinskaya, MD, Ph.D, Nikolay Penskikh, eng,  and Stasys Gumauskas, eng, to  to set up a company for CE production of salt aerosol generators (halogenerators). 

Start-up was slow during that inaugural year. In 2005, bogged down with endless paperwork to file for hard-earned certifications, and determined to establish solid manufacturing processes, the new company produced only four halogenerators, also known as salt aerosol generators. These devices, classified as medical equipment in some countries, are the key component in providing halotherapy, an effective and natural approach for improving breathing.      

The company has since experienced a significant growth. By 2010, the company was producing about 50 units a year, and as of this year, the company has tripled its output. Halomed’s export geography has been widen as the interest in natural healing method of halotherapy  has been arisen in different parts of the world and Halomed UAB equipment can be found in salt rooms in many EU countries, the United States, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Egypt, China, Australia and Vietnam, as well as other countries. Today Halomed is able to produce the optimal salt therapy products for every client due to large variety of customized and flexible solutions. Halomed clients include small and middle-sized businesses, medical clinics, hotel spas, health resorts, rehabilitation centers or private householders. This year the company is going to expand its production and activities and offer the customers new products.



Export to China

"Halomed" company launched the export of halogenerators (salt generators) to China. First four halogenerators shipped to our partners in Beijing and Shanghai. 

New Salt Room in the City of Vilnius

Halomed company has built a salt room at a new private clinic in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania.